Excedo Reality Fund - I (ERF - I)

What is ERF – I?

Excedo Realty Fund-I, is a trust established under the provisions of the Indian Trusts Act, 1882 by Athamus Venture as a Settlor in terms of an indenture of trust dated October 22, 2011 and registered in accordance with the provisions of the Registration Act, 1908. IL& FS Trust Company Limited is the Trustee of the Fund. The Trustee has appointed Athamus Venture, as Fund Manager of ERF-I, vide an Investment Management Agreement dated October 24th, 2011.

What do we do?

The Fund has been established to make investments in Portfolio Companies, land buyouts, invest in growth cities and niche markets to provide maximum returns to its investors, by participation in real estate business in India. Owing to the unique integrated approach of the Fund Manager, the Fund is in a position to exploit the real estate growth opportunity for benefit of its investors.

What’s our fund size?

While the proposed corpus of the Fund is Rs 450 Crores, follow on rounds of funding are envisaged to sustain the investment momentum, leading to an overall Fund size of 600 Crores, pursuant to a green shoe option of Rs. 150 Crores.

Advantages :

Integrated Model

  • Fund Managers development arm, Autus Developers Private Limited shall provide development service on cost basis only
  • ERF-I Shall participate in entire value chain of returns
  • Fund has a term of only 6+1 years
  • Cash flows to the investors typically by 3rd year itself
  • Exits from investment is 100% control of ERF-I

Governance, Regulations and Transparency

  • Fund Manager ERF-I is registered with SEBI as alternative investment fund category II
  • ERF-I Has to compile with SEBI AIF Regulation
  • IL&FS Trust Company Limited in its capacity as trustee is the legal owner of ERF-I taking care of investors as fiduciary, acting as a watch dog of the Fund Managers.
  • Independent Board: Athamus Venture Strives to keep its board independent by appointing 50% members.
  • Independent Investment Committee: Fund Manager has consciously decided to keep  50% members of the Investment Committee of ERF-I to be independent of the Fund Manager to ensure transparency in decision making, monitoring and observance of Investment Management Agreement.