Athamus currently manages a SEBI registered fund, namely Excedo Realty Fund-I(ERF-I) with a term of 6 years, and any investor, Indian, NRI or foreigner , individual or corporate entity can invest into ERF-I, provided investors subscribe to, SEBI prescribed minimum capital units of Rs. 1 crore only.

Athamus Venture is an advisor to an offshore fund, Bharatam Realty Fund-I(BRF-I), wherein foreigners, individual as well as corporate entities can invest into Indian opportunities through BRF-I.

Both ERF-I, and BRF-I shall co invest into projects together on same terms, and hence shall provide exact same returns to their investors, subject to applicable local taxes to each investor.

All the decisions of each Athamus managed or advised funds shall be taken by Investment committee of the reactive fund, and such investment shall always invite one of the largest investors as member of investment committee.

Every single decision shall be taken in presence of such investors in the Investment committee.

Autus Developers Pvt. Ltd. , a subsidiary of Athamus Venture, shall make an offer to provide development construction services to each invite company and investment committee on actual cost basis only, without any top up fee. The decision to engage Autus Developers shall lie with investment committee of the respective funds, and its services shall be engaged only if it can provide equal or better services then other competitors.

Both ERF-I and BRF-I are six year term funds. Typically both funds shall commence providing returns with original investments from 3rd year of first closure, through 4th,5th and 6th years. The fund will determine on completion of exits by 6th year end if not extended by another year by investors in a majority vote.