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Athamus aims to bridge the gap of "returns" available from investments at the land buy stage viz a viz at the construction stage.

We are an experienced team having over 150 years of investing, developing, managing, and exiting 5000+ acres across India, and has developed a robust deal pipeline, ready for investment with land acquisition being the investment focus to ensure higher returns. The team brings its expertise to cherry pick the best of land parcels and exit by development via market sales ensuring handsome "multipliers" to capital invested.

The funds managed by Athamus are organized to ensure investors "hold" capital or asset equivalent or higher in value at all times. The funds strategically invest in end user driven micro markets are uniquely positioned to "reap" business returns from the entire value chain.

We also offer investment services ranging from real estate, capital markets, infrastructure consulting, asset management, private equity, investment banking, investment management, and alternate investments.

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